Chairman's Desk

Mr. Dadasaheb Jotiram Godse

Mr. Dadasaheb Jotiram Godse, the Founder-Chairman of Shivaji Shikshan Mandal, Vaduj, is a respected educationist whose contribution to the academic field in Khatav taluka is unsurpassed. Born in 1933 to humble parents who practiced farming, Dadasaheb comes from a strong rural, agrarian background. Though prevailing circumstances permitted him to study only up to the primary level, he harboured a deep passion for learning…

Dadasaheb exhibited the spirit of volunteering at an early age. Through his exceptional leadership qualities, he could quickly mobilize masses and galvanize them into action.A staunch supporter of the co-operative movement, he spearheaded several social and community development programmes in Vaduj and adjoining areas. Dadasaheb, who is affectionately called Anna, started his political career in 1957 as sarpanch of the local governing body in Vaduj.

Over the years, he successfully held many responsible posts in the co-operative and rural governance structure in Satara district. For instance, he was a member of Zilla Parishad, Satara from 1967 to 1990 and also voice president in 1979,Director of the Satara District Central co-operative Bank Ltd., Satara from 1959 till today and voice president of the Satara District Central co-operative Bank Ltd., Satara from 1993 to 2000. He is also directer of Rayat Sugar factory undale(Karad) Dist. Satara. In his various capacities, he undertook agricultural study tours to Israel, Europe, America, Africa and Hong Kong. He applies this knowledge and experience for bettering the working and living standards of the farming community back home. Education is another area that is close to Anna’s heart. Driven by the passion that students from the socially and economically weaker sections should not be deprived of quality education, he established Shivaji Shikshan Mandal at Vaduj in 1959. In the same year, he founded a high school, followed by a junior college in 1975. The Arts and Commerce College was established in 1995 and chh. shivaji polytechnic vaduj in 2010.

Active even at the age of 82, Dadasaheb Jotiram Godse is widely known for his philosophy of simple living and high thinking. Under his visionary, dynamic leadership, Shivaji Shikshan Mandal is making rapid strides in the academic arena. Indeed, Anna is the driving force of Shivaji Shikshan Mandal and all institutes under its fold.

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