English Department faculty

The following page contains list of English faculty on department.

Name: Princ.Dr.Jadhav Lalasaheb Ganapati
Oualification: M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Designation: Head of Department / Principal
Work Experience: UG-26Yrs,PG-20yrs
Extra Curricullum Work: Refresher Courses-3, Oriented Courses-3, Seminars Attended-11, Workshops-10, Conferences-8

Dr. Jonah Jameson Name: Prof.Shivkumar Surajbhan Agrawal
Oualification: M.A.,B.ED.,M.Phil.
Designation: Lecturer in Dept. of English
Date of Appointment: 1st Sept, 1995
Work Experience: 20yrs

Dr. Jonah Jameson Name: Prof.kamble Sachin Gundurao
Oualification: M.A.English SET NET
Designation: Asst.Professor
Date of Appointment: 19 April, 2010
Work Experience: 6Yrs
Extra Activities: Excellence Award by Kolhapur Municipal Corporation 2009-10

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