Library Services & Facility

  • Books Borrowing:
    1. Book for home issue maximum for 1 week
    2. PG Students : 2 Books for home issue maximum for 1 Week
    3. Research Students : 3 Books for home issue

    Shelf List, Catalogue, OPAC on PC for staff & students is provided for better use of library collection. Trained staff is also there to help students to locate required book.

    At the same time proper care is taken to protect library resources. For example, bags are not allowed inside the library. If the book is not returned on time final examination results of students are withheld. Home issuing facility is provided after ensuring their library deposit.

    Few materials in the library are not for home issuing. It includes periodicals, newspapers, newspaper clipping, question papers, reference books, and costly books etc. This material is given only to refer in the library or for photocopying.

  • Newspaper clipping files:

  • Newspaper clipping files are maintained on different subjects for staff and students.

  • Book Bank Facility:

  • Book bank facility with minimum deposit is provided to economically backward but clever students. Minimum 4 books are provided for the whole year to the selected students of Arts, Science & Commerce.

  • Question Papers Issuing

  • Back years examinations' question paper sets are prepared and kept in the library for staff & students.

  • Open access for T.Y.B.A. all Students

  • Inter Library Loan